PLANNING - Strategy / Thinking

Action without deliberate thought is careless.

Organizations often get trapped in handling the urgent that fills the day, the month, the year. Unfortunately the urgent doesn’t build brands or move the sales needle because there is no formal plan from which to validate against. What happens? Eventually, you end up with a hodgepodge of collateral, services, websites, promotions, etc., not pointing in a single direction. UpStream offers the deep understanding of the array of marketing tools available and what they can do once placed into a tailored plan. This is critical to effectively growing an organization.

Marketing Planning

  • Market Assessment - compile and assess internal and external data to develop a 360 degree view of the organization.
  • Target Audiences - determine who needs to learn about the organization and products, and target customers by focusing on those most likely to purchase the products or services.
  • Competetive Advantage - clarify the position and what sets the products and services apart, and then align it with the needs of the target audience.
  • Branding and Messaging - create key messages that speak to the customers and move them to action.
  • Goals and Strategies - set clear goals tied directly to the organization's objectives and bottom line and develop ways to reach the goals.
  • Execution - select the tools and platforms that will best engage the audience, within the budget.
  • Measurement - build marketing key performance indicators to measure impact, track progress, and identify areas of concern. 
Marketing Outsourcing - see how effectively marketing can be by partnering with experts.

Consulting Services  - hold on-demand meetings to objectively discuss challenges to find solutions.

Advertising Campaign Development  - connect with the right audience and move them to action like never before.

Creative Execution - bring all the creative ideas to life through impactful visual and audio mediums.

Digital Strategies  - determine proper mix of digital tools, such as website, mobile, email, or social media, will help achieve goals.

Media Buying - decide which mediums effectively reach the target markets with the appropriate reach and frequency.

Branding  - determine what customers are saying and develop a campaign to emulate. 

Market Research  - conduct research to gain deeper insight into challenges and opportunities.
Public Relations - anaylze the best methods to communicate message, can include crisis management preparation.

Event Management - develop events to reach select audiences, communicate messages, and/or raise funds.

Product/Service Launch - develop appropriate methods to announce new products and services.