Marriage vs. Dating

UpStream wants to help make your organization as successful as possible. In order to do this, we want to be your partner. Partnerships imply that each party has a vested interest in success and understands each other. 

An analogy that might help is marriage vs. dating. Of course, most people don't get married without dating first. For us, dating means working on a project to see how we work together and if we're a good fit. During this time, we'll get to know you better and you'll find out more about us. But ultimately, we work best in a long-term relationship. Why? We'll be honest, we ask a lot of questions, we want to know more about you, and we really want your business to succeed.

One of the downfalls to just dating is your partner has little ability to provide insightful advice and ideas, because they need to know you more in-depth to give the best information. On the contrary, being married means being part of a team. As such, we will know what your company is like, what it's good at, and where the challenges lie. We can help you identify opportunities from an outside perspective but with inside company knowledge.This allows us to create a more effective marketing strategy with better execution that leads to the results you want.