Our Thinking

We Sell Brainpower

Organizations are no longer looking for just great ideas, they are looking for solutions. Good solutions come from a deep understanding of the whole client, insight into their customers, a broad industry experience, a breadth of marketing knowledge, best-of-breed partners, and being completely media and solution agnostic. UpStream has built itself on just those principles.

UpStream was born on the idea that clients are more and more seeking a partner who has broad marketing expertise, doesn’t work in a vacuum, and will provide objective advice on their ongoing challenges.

All too often we’ve seen advertising agencies pitching clients on a cool idea or the hottest new thing with little to no understanding of how it may or may not produce better results than any other possible solution. It is just something they think the client will think is cool and will buy.

No one benefits when an agency just gives a client what they are willing to buy regardless if it is what they really need. Satisfying client "wants" don’t always get results, satisfying needs always does. We strongly believe in establishing an organization's needs before work begins.

Gone are the days when a good traditional broadcast ad campaign would alone drive business. Today more than ever, clients are in need of sound guidance, deep knowledge, creative ideas, and objective insights as the number of ways to reach and communicate with customers increase and become more complex.  Selecting where, how, when, and how much to spend on marketing to get the best results is just not one person or department anymore.